As one of the oldest law firms in Geneva – over 75 years in business – we have a long history of providing truly independent legal services. Achieving such longevity in any business requires offering more than just empty promises of efficiency and high quality. Our ability to actually deliver on these promises explains why we have been able to continue to serve well-established national and international clients for whom these qualities are more important than the size of the firm. We neither have the resources nor the aim to complicate your life: our aim is to understand your business in order to assist you in the most efficient way, and to provide advice centered on risk assessment.

To make the law adapt to your business rather than the other way around, we rely on our team of independent minded partners: yes, we have an opinion and we will share it with you. To ensure that our professional opinions are of highest quality, we focus on limited areas of the law where we are specialists: Corporate Law, Litigation, IP, Health Law and Banking Law. In addition, we have deep knowledge of the following sectors: luxury goods, financial services, real estate, the energy market, the life sciences business, and financial concerns of families. We have a proven track record in these fields of serving well our national and international clients who strive for practical solutions, efficiency and high quality.

Finally, we understand the world globally while being involved locally. We have all studied, worked and lived abroad without forgetting our local roots. Defending ideas that we believe in is also a passion.

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