While having developed an important advisory practice over the years, our law firm has never forgotten the roots of our profession: We continue to litigate on behalf of our clients in a broad range of civil, commercial and contractual matters. Guy’s role as substitute judge at the Cour de Justice ensures that our litigation practice incorporates important insights with respect to litigation practice and precedent.

Litigating international and local matters in the context of mediation, arbitration or before Swiss civil courts constitutes an important part of our firm’s activities.
We have longstanding experience defending against prosecutions involving white collar crimes and with respect to international assistance in criminal and administrative matters.
Our specialized knowledge of certain sectors gives us an edge in presenting in comprehensive terms the issues at stake. Our approach to litigation is driven by two prongs: reflection and efficiency. We take into account risk assessment, the strategy for managing the case, and a constant aim at the desired result. As a result, we are equipped to provide our clients with high quality, availability and efficiency in the management of their cases in all kind of litigation.