Health Law

We have longstanding experience in advising various actors in the health care industry and are able to assist them in all their legal needs. Licensing of pharmaceutical companies or healthcare organizations, drug approvals, sales and acquisitions of healthcare facilities, regulatory compliance, liability and malpractice claims, public procurements and insurance reimbursement are some of the topics with which our clients are faced and in which they trust our expertise.

We have extensive experience in assisting drug and medical device manufacturers in all aspects of their business activities. Conducting clinical trials, obtaining marketing authorizations, and clearing advertising campaigns are some of the areas in which our clients consult us and for which we provide top-level advice. Together with our litigators, we also regularly represent drug and medical device manufacturers in product liability, competition and public procurement litigation as well as in arbitration proceedings.
Provision of healthcare services is one of the most heavily regulated activities. The legal environment is dense and constantly evolving. Privacy issues, licensing of healthcare professionals and healthcare organization, and quality and safety requirements are some of the topics on which we regularly advise clients and assist them in conducting their activities.
Liability and malpractice claims are numerous in the healthcare sector, and we offer tailor-made legal services in this complex field to our clients. Making the right and most efficient decision as to the defense or the settlement of claims made by patients is our aim.
Insurance is key to any player on the healthcare market, yet is a highly complex legal area. We advise our client on all issues relating to coverage and reimbursement of drugs, medical devices, and medical services. We also represent them in disputes arising with social or private insurers regarding any aspects of their business activities.