Banking data leaks : Risks and duty to inform (In French)

By Nicolas Bégin & Benjamin Vignieu

In: Jusletter, April 9 2018

Assisted Suicide : the Never-Ending Debate on the Necessity of a Legal Basis (in French)

By Marc Balavoine

In: Regards de marathoniens sur le droit suisse : mélanges publiés à l’occasion du 20e “Marathon du droit”, Genève : Slatkine, 2015, p. 391-400

Home-Care or Nursing Home : a Financial Question? (In French)

Marc Balavoine

Planète Santé, N°17, March 2014, pp. 46-47

Merger vs. Exchange Offer, Remedies, Procedure, Triangular Merger, Quorum, Appraisal, Conflict of Interests

By Frank Gerhard & Philippe Jacquemoud

In: GsKR 2|2012 (Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Gesellschafts- und Kapitalmarktrecht sowie Umstrukturierungen)

Electronic Health Record: A Promising Project for Doctors and Patients (in French)

By Marc Balavoine

In: Planète Santé, n. 15, June 2013, pp. 46-47

Advance Health Care Directive Pursuant to the Revised Guardianship Legislation (in French)

By Marc Balavoine

In: STR, n. 24

Advance Health Care Directive, a Tool for the Patient (in French)

By Marc Balavoine

In: Planète Santé, n. 12, September 2012, pp. 46-47

Denunciation: Right or Duty? Overview of Swiss Law (in French)

By Guy Stanislas

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Commentary of the Swiss Federal Act on Civil Proceedings (in German)

By Philippe Jacquemoud

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Trusts Finally Win Official Recognition

By Philippe Jacquemoud

In: European Legal Developments Bulle-tin, Baker & McKenzie, Winter 2008, Volume 20 No 1

Legal Due Diligence (in French)

By Philippe Jacquemoud

In: Mediaplanet Due Diligence, June 2008, p. 10

Electricity Supply Reforms Spark Marketplace Overhaul

By Philippe Jacquemoud

In: European Legal Developments Bulletin, Baker & McKenzie, Spring 2008, Volume 20 No 2

Trusts vs the Swiss Legal Order

By Guy Stanislas

In: Avanti Magazine Step, March 2008, pp 19-21

The new venture adventure, successfully mastering legal and tax challenges

By Philippe Jacquemoud

In: Toolkit Law and Taxes, Venture companies for tomorrow, McKinsey & Company and Federal Polytechnicum Zurich, third edition, November 2007. 

The Statutes of Limitation

By Philippe Jacquemoud

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The Economic and Civil Beneficiary: The Information Duty of the Bank (in French)

By Guy Stanislas

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The Right to Rescind the Sale and Purchase Agreement, Legal Consequences of the Per-formance of the Contractual Obligations (in French)

By Guy Stanislas

Georg 1979

Forfeiture and Statute of Limitation in case of the Revocation of a Donation (in French)

By Guy Stanislas

In: Schweizerische Juristen-Zeitung 74/1978, pp. 72-74