New Decision of the Swiss Supreme Court on Retrocessions: Tightened Conditions

Coached by our associate, Roxane Allot, the team of the University of Geneva has been awarded with the 1st prize



Jacquemoud Stanislas has been designated among the best law firms of Switzerland



Jacquemoud Stanislas is very proud and honored to have been ranked among the best law firms of Switzerland by our peers. Many thanks to all of our colleagues who supported our law firm in M&A, Corporate law, Private Equity and Venture Capital as well as in Health Law.

In: Le Temps and Bilanz, 28 April 2017


La plaidoirie d’une Genevoise à Caen (In French)

Federal Laws of 12 December 2014 on the implementation of the Financial Task Force’s Recommendations, revised in 2012 (In French)

By Philippe Jacquemoud & Benjamin Vignieu

The escape clause in the sale of registered shares whose transfer is restricted : thoughts on the acquisition of treasury shares and the notion of real value (in French)

By Philippe Jacquemoud & Camille Auberson

Home-Care or Nursing Home : a Financial Question? (In French)

Marc Balavoine

Subordination, The Calculation of the Damage In Liability Suits Against the Board of Directors and|or the Auditor In Case of Bankruptcy or Liquidation Moratorium (in French)

By Philippe Jacquemoud & Aurélien Pasquier

The Liability of the Board of Directors Before and After The Over-Indebtedness, Reflections On Business Restructuring (Turn Around) (in French)

By Philippe Jacquemoud & Aurélien Pasquier

Merger vs. Exchange Offer, Remedies, Procedure, Triangular Merger, Quorum, Appraisal, Conflict of Interests

By Frank Gerhard & Philippe Jacquemoud

Electronic Health Record: A Promising Project for Doctors and Patients (in French)

By Marc Balavoine

In: Planète Santé, n. 15, June 2013, pp. 46-47


The Legislator strengthens the Stock Exchange and Securities Act (in French)

By Philippe Jacquemoud

Advance Health Care Directive Pursuant to the Revised Guardianship Legislation (in French)

By Marc Balavoine

In: STR, n. 24


Advance Health Care Directive, a Tool for the Patient (in French)

By Marc Balavoine

In: Planète Santé, n. 12, September 2012, pp. 46-47


Banks in the Sight of the Justice (in French)

By Philippe Jacquemoud